Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Eduard Egorov, Alexandrov, Vladirmiskaya Region, Russia

 Eduard send in two entries and I'm posting both of them front and back.

The postage stamps are terrific, keeping with the theme.

 I find the label/sticker on the bicycle frame so interesting in that it's in English. Also, it must be vintage since the USSR no longer exists. This is quite cool.
This photo is by Eduard, himself.
I have no details on this double photos postcard. I can make out the work Moscow, but nothing else. Closed course track in a stadium, wouldn't you say?

Eduard has a Mail Art project, also. You can check it out HERE.  
It's something we, too, can participate in if we'd like.

Thanks, Eduard for two entries to the exhibit. Спасибо.


  1. On my photo - a bike which is made in the USSR. In the city of Kharkov. Now the city is in the territory of Ukraine. Bike ride my friend. On the other card - the cycle track in the city of Tula.

    1. Thank you, Eduard, for the information about your postcards.