Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gina Ulgen, Norwich, United Kingdom

 Mail Artist, Gina Ulgen, sent two cards in one clear envelope. I didn't realize that until I slide what I thought was one card out of the envelope. What a lovely surprise.

On the reverse of this card, with a map of Virginia, USA, and an extraordinary cyclist, is a note about her getting a new bicycle and her adventure with it.

It's Duck egg blue with a wicker basket. Lovely sounding.
The reverse of this card, a fabulously altered celestial scene, has the addresses, to and from.

The postage stamp was adhered to the outside of the clear envelope. Clever move.

You can see, even in this scan, how precisely she cut the image of the cyclists.

Thanks, Gina, for these terrific entries.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Marina Salmaso, Copenhagen, Denmark

I like the  way Marina took a publicity card for a bicycle company Mustang, with model named Dagmar, and altered the wheels. Cleverly using postage stamps, she creates a sense of movement. I really like this.

This is the first Mail Art from Denmark. I was happy to see the postmark as we were in Copenhagen, many years ago on our honeymoon. We enjoyed the city very much. We drove to Helsingor and stopped at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. We saw a Magritte exhibit there. Ah, Memories.

Thanks, Marina for the Mail Art and the memories.

B Kapp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Another Mail Art piece from my prolific Mail Artist friend in Chicago. I like the shadow on the wall, as if this bicycle were really lifting off.
I think that for the most part, the race circuits will be fairly flat, but there are a few areas where the riders will have to go up or down hills. Riding high, indeed.
Thanks B, for another piece.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tracy Gill Barrett, Richmond, Virgnia, USA

An excellent collage, multi-layered and full of energy!  Thanks for your entry, Tracy.

Vivien kohler, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

A simple admonition, an exclamation, BIKE! The tire treads show a lot of actions, which we're really looking forward to.
Thanks, Vivien, art camper, for your entry.

Katerina N, Thessaloniki, Greece

This entry has a note on the back "do not put on scanner glass" which I didn't read until after I scanned it. Ooops. The upper and lower bands are actual sandpaper. They did not ruin the glass, whew. I like the way the torn edges created mountain landscapes

The lines  give this card such a sense of speed!

And that's exactly what will happen in a month!

Thanks Kat, for your entres.

B Kapp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

 This appears to be a parking permit for a bicycle. Interesting. I'm curious about where one would be charged and if the amount is indeed $4 usd for an hour. Seems a bit much, don't you think.

I like the text: Really?

Bicycles in the neighborhood. I've been noticing more and more of them in my neighborhood. For a long time there was one chained to a sign at the end of our block, for months, then one day, it was gone. Who did it belong to? Why was it there so long? Questions to remain unanswered.

Thanks B Kapp for submitting more terrific cards, and with your signature dots.

Bob Isenberg, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

This print is quite interesting. I like the way the bicycle appears on the background and the use of stamps for the text. I think it's a monoprint, but maybe Bob can comment on this and tell about his technique.

Thanks for sending, Bob

Jill Eudaly, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania

Anticipating the day of the race, oh if only we had a bird's eye view from the handle bars of a cyclist. It's be an amazing view.
Thanks, Jill for setting my imagination going about points of view.
The race is a month away! Excitement is building.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Carmen Lewin-Stern, Erfurt, Germany

What a vibrant colorful entry. It's so spatial, with such positive energy. It looks quite like a painting, doesn't it. Actually, it's a print of a collage, maybe on a painted substrate.  Thanks, Carmen, for your entry.

Amelia H. Bothe, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

Amelia used a delicate touch with her colored pencils, so I had to do some adjusting. it's a bit hard to see her lovely colors. Bike on, wings on the bicycle to help the racers. Her card is so hopeful with the sun shining. The postal service added it's own touch to the card.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Carlos Mossri, Mogi Das Cruzes - SP, BRASIL

This print is of a pen and ink drawing, in poinrilist style. Quite lovely.
Thank you, Carlos Mossri, for sending it in to our exhibit.

B Kapp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

 B Kapp's collage with a personal statement is a good thing for all of us to think about. Keep going! Whether in a race like the UCI, or handling what life gives us, keep going. It is indeed an accomplishment.
This is so fun - Tour de Thin & Tour de Fat.
Is the latter a beer?

B Kapp's dots are make her cards a lot of fun.

Thanks, B.

Creighton Campbell, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania USA

A one word prompt, an mandate, an announcement! Wheel on fire, look at the bicycles go! Creighton, another art camper, has had his entry added to by the postal service. The wavy cancellation mark adds to the energy of this card.
Thanks, Creighton. I hope you Bike, also.

Vizma Bruns, Waitpinga SA, Australia

 Vizma's envelope is collaged and stamped with the theme of this MA call.

Very exciting to receive, but then - inside the envelope was a small Zine!

Vizma took the quote and played with fish postage stamps and drawings.

Isn't it delightful?

Vizma is a Mail Artist and a member of IUOMA.

Jill Eudaly, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

Jill was the art teacher at the camp this summer and initiated the project with her art campers.
What a nice addition to this exhibit.
Thanks for having the kids participate, Jill, and thanks for sending your Mail Art, too.

Cassia Campbell, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania

Cassia is another of the art campers who is participating in this Mail Art exhibit. I think it's terrific to have young people learn about Mail Art. I hope they continue to make and send art into the world.
This is quite an encouraging card, and I'm sure the cyclists will do just that!
Thanks, Cassia.

Mariana Serban, Targu Mures, Romania

Mariana is a graphic designer and teacher. Her entry is a collaged envelope with a lovely personal note to me inside.
Thank you, Mariana.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Heleen de Vaan, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Dutch bicycle pathway sign

Heleen is one of my Mail Art friends from my Union. IUOMA.
You'll be seeing more of her work soon.

In the meantime, there's still time to submit to this exhibit.
 The deadline is 1 September 2015.
Do send something.

B Kapp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Which bicycle would you ride? B Kapp has sent us a variety of styles to chose from. Any of them would do, but I can't image riding the vintage bicycle.
Thanks for your enthusiastic support, sending in many pieces of Mail Art, B Kapp.

Jill Eudaly, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania

Jill is the person who organized the Mail Art activity at Camp Lutherlyn. I'm happy that she chose my Bicycle themed Call to respond to. The art campers will hopefully carry on beyond this summer, to make more Mail Art. Good Job, Jill, giving them this experience.

Addison Glace, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania

Addison, an art camper, has created a very energetic card, with the impression of tire tread and the repetition of her text. I'm not sure what the little character is, or where it's headed but it's cute.

Thanks for making something for the exhibit, Addison.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Abby May, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

We have to use our imagination and supply the frame for this bicycle with it's two different colored wheels. Or Maybe, we're looking at a couple of unicycles. Abby took a long tme to label her Mail Art.

Thanks for entering, Abby.

Haley Wolrd, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

Haley's bright bicycle frame and creative bicycle are delightful. Colorful and creative. Bike on, indeed!

Thanks, Haley.

B Kapp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

 Two more cards from my Chicago friend and Mail Artist exemplaire.

Bici offers a narrative - I was creating a story for it the moment it arrived.
I like them, too! Now isn't this fun. A second bicycle with a basket of flowers has arrived. I love it!! Seriously, I'd like to ride a bike with a basket of flowers on it. If only we had dedicated bicycle lanes here.

Eduard Egorov, Alexandrov, Vladirmiskaya Region, Russia

 Eduard send in two entries and I'm posting both of them front and back.

The postage stamps are terrific, keeping with the theme.

 I find the label/sticker on the bicycle frame so interesting in that it's in English. Also, it must be vintage since the USSR no longer exists. This is quite cool.
This photo is by Eduard, himself.
I have no details on this double photos postcard. I can make out the work Moscow, but nothing else. Closed course track in a stadium, wouldn't you say?

Eduard has a Mail Art project, also. You can check it out HERE.  
It's something we, too, can participate in if we'd like.

Thanks, Eduard for two entries to the exhibit. Спасибо.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Margie Brochert, Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA

My friend, Margie, who is an amazing photographer and haiku writer, has sent this delicate, sweet bicycle with basket of flowers.  I just want to hop onto it and slowly cycle off.
Thanks for this submission, Margie.

Miranda B, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

Here's a bit of popular culture from Miranda. She gives us this character on a bicycle. I like her colorful text, too.

Thanks, Miranda, a nice entry for the exhibit.

Summer S. , Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

Summer S., an art camper, sent us this pencil drawing. It's very delicately drawn so I had to attempt to enhance it a bit. I hope that Summer likes how we did it.

Thanks for the card, Summer.

Tofu, San Francisco, California, USA

A prolific Mail Artist, Tofu has sent us a most amazing piece of Mail Art! It's made up of lots of small squares, each topped with circles, all made from a San Francisco map. Amazing!

Thanks, so much Tofu, for sending this for the exhibit.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sasha Petchal, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania

I like the way that Sasha colored in the motto, taking a lot of time with the two colors. This art camper added the message at the bottom to let us know that bicycling was personal.
Let's hope the cyclists in the UCI World Races keeps this motto, right?
Thanks, Sasha.

Xavier, Camp Lutherlyn, Pennsylvania, USA

The art teacher at a summer camp, sent me a message that she was sending me Mail Art from her art campers.
How fun!
Here's one from Xavier that looks like it was done by rolling something on the paper to created the look of bicycle tires rolling along. How's this for action and the thrill of the race!
Thanks, Xavier.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

B Kapp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

B is keeping us delighted with her dotted entires. Ah, I spot some design elements that are familiar. I think she shared them with a young relative, encouraging her to enter the Mail Art Call, too.
Thanks B for your delightful Mail Art, and your encouragement to ride and ride with care!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Emma Lou Martin, Richmond, Virginia, VA

Emma Lou, an assemblage and collage artists, has sent two mixed media/collage pieces.

She included information that there'll be a bicycle exhibit at Uptown Gallery in September to coincide with the UCI World Races.
Wonderful, our small city is going to have lots for visitors to see besides the actual races. If you're nearby, do come to town, and do stop at the galleries.

Thanks, Emma Lou.

Sarah Compton, Schaumburg, Ilinois, USA

Sarah sent us a card with birds and rainbows and circles, and the iconic bicycle image. This says, freedom to fly, and roll on!

Thanks, Sarah, for sending something for the exhibit.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ryan Burgess, Richmond, Virginia, USA

These two collages make great use of vintage images, don't they? I really like the illusion of depth and action in them.
Thanks for submitting, Ryan.

Eva, Morocco

Eva sent us another bicycle "themed" card.
Here's what her note says: "Not exactly Mail Art. Well, at least not art made by me. But when I saw what you should find on this illustration, I though immediately of your exhibition."
What is one supposed to look for on the card? A square-wheeled bike!!

Eva's blog is HERE.