Monday, August 3, 2015

Antonio Amato, Caserta, Italy

 This arrived in the mail a few days ago - Oh dear. It's quite beat-up.

There's no postage stamp. I"m assuming it got lost along the way. There is a faint cancellation on the reverse and looks like it's 11 May 2015. Could it really have been on it's way that long?
 Inside was a slightly bent postcard.

There was an explanation of the technique used and a couple of bicycle images.

The technique is interesting and I smiled at the caption.

Thanks for the entry, Antonio, and perhaps you can let us know when this started it's journey.


  1. Antonio confirmed that his entry started out from Italy in May! Oh my, what a long time in transit. He, also, confirms that there were definitely postage stamps on the envelope when it left Italy. Here's his message to me.
    Hello Mim,
    Thanks for pubblication.
    I don't know what happened to the envelope (do they stoled the stamps?)
    The envelop started in may.
    The postcard is a photo stamped on paper in b/w and hand-coloured .
    (My english is very orrible)

    1. Love it. Lots of English-speaking people's English is also 'very orrible' so he's in good company.