Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pálma Puskás, Budapest, Hungary

This card has so many bicycle related bits to it. Notice how the paper tape resembles tire tracks, even. At first, I thought the wheel to the right would spin, it's so lively. The little flag does move. Very cool. (Ah ha, the wheel was intended to spin!See comment below.)

Pálma writes that she bicycles to work, even in winter. She's not a racer but loves bicycling.

Thanks, and I hope I have the name right!

Pálma included this link on her entry,


  1. Hello:) Thank you for posting my card. My name is Pálma and my nickname is Micu. The wheel on the right should spin, it might be stuck a bit...but if you try a bit harder it should spin at least I hope:)

    1. Thanks for the correction on your name, Micu. I mis-read Pálma on the envelope return address. I'm curious as to how you pronounce that as our daughter is named Mica (pronounced Mai-kuh) I see how the wheel can spin but am not eager to force it. Thank you, again, for the terrific submission.