Saturday, May 16, 2015

Carmela Rizzuto, Sunnyvale, CA, USA


Carmela sent this large format ink drawing of a birds eye view of a bicycle. Quite nice!
She included a note apologizing for the size, but saying that she already had this ready. I'm sure that one of my venues will be happy to put this on view.

Thanks, Carmela.


  1. Mim
    Thanks for your comments--I'm glad that this long held piece has found a home. I designed it to be viewed vertically, but the horizontal perspective is fine, too. BTW: you've received some very creative approaches to the theme. I've enjoyed viewing the artworks!

    1. Hi Carmela, I changed the orientation. Glad you checked the blog to see your post. If you have a site that people can go to see more of your work, post it in a comment.